Middle clicking "View Observations" or "About" on drop-down search results opens two tabs

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Website

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  • Vivaldi 5.1.2567.57 (Stable channel) (64-bit)
  • Microsoft Edge 99.0.1150.30 (Official build) (64-bit)

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It happens when you search from any page

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When you use the search bar on the top of any page on the iNaturalist website, and search for a Place, Taxon, etc., it drops down a list of search results, with the links of “View Observations” and “About” links. When you middle-click on either the View Observations or About buttons, it opens the identical tab twice.

Ctrl-Click performs the same function as middle-clicking, however this bug does not occur when using Ctrl-click. It also doesn’t occur when you click outside of those two buttons, which seems to open the same page as the “View Observations” buttions

When I tested this on Microsoft Edge, this bug didn’t occur at first. However, the bug started occurred after I allowed popups for inaturalist.org.

EDIT: I was using Windows (Windows 11, don’t know exact version number) when I encountered this bug.

Also occurs in Firefox 97.0.2 (64-bit) running on Windows 10 Pro v19044.1586

Confirmed also on Firefox 97.0.2 on Linux (Linux Mint 20.3 MATE). To summarize, for clicking on “View Observations” or “About”:

  • left-click opens page in current tab
  • ctrl-left-click opens page in single new tab
  • middle-click opens page in two new tabs

When clicking on the taxon name itself, ctrl-left-click and middle-click both open a single new tab, as expected.

I’d check it in Chrome but I don’t want to be spammed by advertising :smile:

Happens in Chrome (99.0.4844.51) too unless popups are blocked when only one new tab is opened.
Actually it happens on any link.
Why would you middle-click anyway?

it’s just a fast way to open pages in a new tab.

this is a legitimate bug, i suppose, and i can reproduce it, but i sort of wonder if this is a thing that most people would realistically come across? besides middle-clicking, as the original poster notes, you’d probably have to explicitly allow pop-ups to see this behavior, since most browsers would block them by default. (i’ve seen the pop-up blocked notifications in the past when middle-clicking, but it never occurred to me to dig into the behavior any further because they were blocked.)

It only opens a single new tab in Chrome for me (fully updated browser). In Firefox it opens two tabs.

I have a lot of anti-popup and such stuff enabled in Chrome, which may prevent the bug from happening.

It seems specific to iNaturalist since it doesn’t occur on other sites.
Ctrl-Click achieves the same thing without the extra unnecessary tab or blocked popup notification.

I have a mac and don’t think I can try to replicate without installing dodgy add-on software. Does this only happen for header search result links?

Yeah, it only seems to happen for the header search result links as far as I’ve seen.