Observation detail page: Ctrl+click does not open related observations in a new tab

On any observation detail page (e.g. https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/28034913), doing ctrl+click to open the observations listed in:

  • “More from @ user”
  • “Nearby observations”
  • “Observations of relatives”

at the bottom of the page does not open the observation in a new tab. It opens it in the same tab.

(Middle click and right click>open in a new tab do open it in a new tab.)

Windows 10 / Chrome and Firefox as well as Chromium / Chrome

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Looking at the HTML for the individual observations in the “More from @ user” section, I see that the links include the attribute target="_self", which seems likely to be involved here. However, that attribute is not present for the individual observations in the “Nearby observations” or “Observations of relatives” sections.

I’m on a Mac, and can’t reproduce any unusual open-in-same-page behavior for any of these items, in any of Safari/Firefox/Chrome. However, my mouse does not have a middle-click operation, so the specific case that @bouteloua reports can’t really be tested.

I can confirm some of this using Firefox 67.0.4 on Linux.

For me, neither middle-click nor ctrl+click work correctly for any of the images in “More from user”, “Nearby observations”, or “Observations of relatives” - they always load into the same page, rather than a new tab. However, both methods do work correctly for the text links below the images.

This has been a recurring issue for me for years now. It’s typically rare, but the past few days it’s been so bad it happens constantly, but totally at random. I was about to make a topic about it. Once I lost my place in a string of over 700 notifications I had to view from this bug and couldn’t find my place again so I’m sure several hundred notifications went unadressed.

doesn’t address the bug, but this is useful for you to look back at those notifications, courtesy of @pisum

I can see all my notifications by just going to my own landing page, but I won’t necessarily remember what I’ve seen last if there are a lot of them.

that tool shows you notifications you haven’t visited, so if you have a big list of 700+, go to that instead of opening them on iNat; they’ll all be preserved

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I suppose that’s fine, but the real problem is that I tend to review by the hundred if, not by the thousand and I can’t get nearly the same amount of work done as when I just hold Ctrl and click as when I have to right click every individual observation and select from a menu.

I’m still having this problem in both Firefox and Chrome. Has this been addressed?

Using Firefox-111.0.1, I can now middle-click on the images in “More from user”, “Nearby observations”, or “Observations of relatives” to open in a new tab, but ctrl+click still doesn’t work. (Possibly this is just due to changes in Firefox, rather than iNat, though).

Nothing has changed or otherwise been addressed.

CMD-click works fine for me in the latest versions of Safari, FF, and Brave on my Mac - pages open in new tabs. I don’t have a Windows machine, unfortunately.

We’ll take a look at the target="_self" thing next week.

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Cool. Hopefully this is resolved. I am using both an older version of Windows and an older version of FF (both for superior control and functionality), though Chrome is up to date (because chrome is always dysfunctional, so I don’t care lol), so it shouldn’t happen in both browsers I should think if it were simply on my end.

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We released what should be a fix for this. Would love to know if it’s now working for Windows users.


@blue_lotus I reopened this bug report so you can chime in here.

The issue described in the bug report is resolved.