Observation detail page: Ctrl+click does not open related observations in a new tab

On any observation detail page (e.g. https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/28034913), doing ctrl+click to open the observations listed in “More from @ user”, “Nearby observations”, or “Observations of relatives” at the bottom of the page does not open the observation in a new tab. It opens it in the same tab.

(Middle click and right click>open in a new tab do open it in a new tab.)

Windows 10 / Chrome and Firefox.

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Looking at the HTML for the individual observations in the “More from @ user” section, I see that the links include the attribute target="_self", which seems likely to be involved here. However, that attribute is not present for the individual observations in the “Nearby observations” or “Observations of relatives” sections.

I’m on a Mac, and can’t reproduce any unusual open-in-same-page behavior for any of these items, in any of Safari/Firefox/Chrome. However, my mouse does not have a middle-click operation, so the specific case that @bouteloua reports can’t really be tested.

I can confirm some of this using Firefox 67.0.4 on Linux.

For me, neither middle-click nor ctrl+click work correctly for any of the images in “More from user”, “Nearby observations”, or “Observations of relatives” - they always load into the same page, rather than a new tab. However, both methods do work correctly for the text links below the images.