Migratory Dragonfly Partnership website has disappeared

I wanted to see if the MDP was promoting any monitoring projects for this year. When I went to the website, though, it goes to a GoDaddy parking page that claims the site is up for grabs. Their Facebook page hasn’t been updated since 2016, either. I also checked the Forest Service’s Pond Watch page, and it still has an active link. The Xerces Society seems to have pulled most of their information.

Does anyone know if the Migratory Dragonfly Project is still a going concern or not? I don’t suppose that it makes a whole lot of difference to how much I’m outside with the camera(s) this summer; but its focus as a collection point for migration data is unique. It would be a real shame if it has dried up and blown away.

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here’s the last snapshot of the MDP website archived by the Internet Archive (from July 2022): https://web.archive.org/web/20220709013928/http://www.migratorydragonflypartnership.org/index/welcome. if you look at the contact page, you’ll find a website contact. that person is a curator in iNaturalist, and he references the MDP website in his iNat profile. so maybe you could send a message to that person and see what he knows.


@pisum: just heard back from the member in question (and thank you so much for the point in the right direction). Unfortunately, the MDP and PondWatch lost funding, and are no more – at least at the moment.


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