Misattributing Quotations

More than once I have been quoted as saying something I did not say. I think this happens because the misattributing person copies a quote someone else made from my comment responding to it, instead of quoting directly from the comment of the person that I quoted. Am I right? What can be done about it? Latest example where my comment asking that it be fixed is at the end:


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If you hit the drop down arrow in the upper right corner where chris quoted you it will expand to show that your quote is where you are quoting the other user.

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Yes, but no one is going to do that and I don’t think it’s right that it’s made to look like I said it. Can it be hidden until cmcheatle fixes the way he did it?

let me see what I can do!

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thank you!

Heads up everyone:

When quoting someone who has quoted someone else, keep in mind that the system makes it look like the quotes are attributed to the incorrect person unless you click the drop-down arrow to expand the larger quote. Since that is the case it may be better to use separate quotes when possible and take the time to retrieve the initial statement rather than the quote from the post you are replying too. Confused? Yeah, not sure what I’m saying is super clear so ask for clarification if you want and I’ll do my best.

I agree that wouldn’t have been pleasant to see myself.


One addition: you can also manually (manually) place a quote into another quote by changing where the blockquote tags in the reply textbox. This is typical of other forums (say the classic vBulletin or Invision Power Board sites). I’m rather surprised this isn’t the default with Discourse, to be honest as the current multi-quote really isn’t all that intuitive.

Here’s how that renders for that quote set, by the way:

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