Quoting is unreliable

For some reason, whenever I use the little bubble icon left of the “B” to quote a message I’m replying to, the first block of quoted material shows up with the code (square bracket, “quote”, square bracket, and so on) on both sides rather than quoted.

Does anyone know why that is or what to do about it? I’ll try to demonstrate in a reply to this message.

And just in case that isn’t showing up the same for others, here’s a screen shot of what it looks like on my end:

It seems like the code that gets automatically inserted when I click the bubble icon is interpreted correctly as code–until I edit anything. Then the system gets confused and starts showing the code as text rather than interpreting it as code.

since you haven’t already, i suggest that you go through the the forum’s tutorial.

if you use the full-text quote tool, it will quote the full text.


in your example, it looks like you’re going in afterward and trying to break the quote in to two quotes by adding a [/quote] at the end of the first paragraph and then a [quote] at the beginning of the next paragraph and then trying to type your comments in between. this is not the right way to effectively do 2 partial quotes.

the easiest way to do a partial quote is just to highlight the part of a previous post that you want to quote, and then select “quote” when it pops up.

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In my defense, I had no idea the tutorial existed. :-) Based on that thread, it looks like I predate the inclusion of tutorial information in the new user welcome message.

Since the point of BBCode-like markup is to be easily human-readable, I’m not thrilled by the idea that “use the UI rather than typing the code” is the correct approach. Luckily, looking at the output from the “quote” popup on highlighted text points me in the right direction. I can get rid of “full:true” from the code generated by the full-text quote tool. [Edit: and it works more reliably if the end-quote code is on a new line.] It doesn’t seem like “full:true” has any real function other than to make the quotes break when users edit them but, whatever, now I know how it works. Thanks!


when I signed up the link to the tutorial was a dead end, and I abandoned it. Still untutored.