iNat won't show the location I type in

Platform: Website

Browser: Microsoft Edge

Screenshots of what you are seeing:
Screenshot 2021-05-26 155737

Description of problem: A seasonal project I’ve been for several years now is starting next month so I’m trying to create this year’s event. However, my project perimeters covers only portions of states so I have to add locations by county. However, there are two counties I haven’t been able to add because they do not show in the dropdown menu (photo 1), even though I literally typed the location letter by letter as shown on iNat (photo 2).

One, is this even a bug? Two and this is better for feature request instead of a bug, we should develop an easier way for users to add locations for instances like this.

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Yes, and there was an attempt to fix it already, but it doesn’t seem to be working for all cases.


To the case in hand, is there some alternative way for me to add these locations or do I have to wait for the bug to get fixed?

I don’t know of any, sorry.

Alright, my project starts in a couple days and I need this bug resolved. @kueda @tiwane Can you take a look at this?

Not something I can promise will be fixed this week. Is this the only place you’re having trouble with? If you can email and let me know the project’s URL and the place(s) you can’t add add on your own we should be able to add it on the back end.


Heh, actually the fix for these two counties was a lot simpler - their actual place names (not display names) were just “Lincoln” and “Franklin”. I changed them to Lincoln County, US, WA and Franklin County, US, WA and you should be able to add them yourself now, they’re coming up in place search results if you type in their full names. I’d rather you add the places if possible, reduces any chance of miscommunication between us.

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Yep, it worked! Thanks again, very much appreciated.

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