Missing salamander species that should be on here

There is a species of salamander, Aneides caryaensis, that was described around late 2019. There are about 10 or so observations of green salamander on iNaturalist that should likely be shifted to this species. However, despite being accepted by AmphibiaWeb and NatureServe, it has not been added iNaturalist yet despite being almost a year and half since its description. Even more curious is that on the new species list on AmphibiaWeb, all the other amphibian species described and added to the list around the same time as caryaensis have been added to iNaturalist, including the amphibians directly described before and after caryaensis, so it seems like iNaturalist is excluding that one species for some reason. Why might this be? I don’t see any evidence online that this species has been rejected either.

Hi @ash2016, if you have a question about a specific taxon, please flag it, or in this case, the parent taxon (Aneides). Then we can have a discussion about what needs to be done, e.g. https://www.inaturalist.org/flags/399192

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The paper that is cited notes that it is split off of Aneides aeneus, so I went to the taxon page for that species, clicked the Taxonomy tab, and then checked what it says under Taxonomy Details. It’s currently set up as an intentional deviation from AmphibiaWeb:


See https://www.inaturalist.org/flags/455922. Split in ASW. But Patton et al “reported on four genetic lineages within the Aneides aeneus complex, but only named one, Aneides caryaensis, leaving the other three to be covered by nominal Aneides aeneus, presumably to be named in future papers, much as was done with the Aneides flavipunctatus complex.” As a result holding off until these other 3 lineages are resolved


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