Missing taxa with filtering observations?

Why are certain taxa missing from observation filters? For example, sharks and rays are not present when filtering ‘your observations’ by ‘fish’. In addition, some do not have any preset filter options at all, e.g. corals, gorgonians, etc. More curious about the former, as it seems like an error rather than just a missing feature.

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This is not an error; the ‘fishes’ filter is for ray-finned fishes, i.e., the class Actinopterygii, whereas sharks + rays are a class of their own, Elasmobranchii.

Those preset filters are not designed to be exhaustive, they’re meant to represent ‘iconic’ taxa, i.e. the ‘most famous’ coarse groupings. There are, however, a number of requests for other taxa to be included in these presets, e.g., this and this.


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