Filter for species that don't belong in any of the existing category filters?

When looking though my observations it’s easy to use the category filters to see (for example) any bird observations I’ve submitted, or any funguses, etc. But there are some species that don’t fit in any of those categories, for example Pectinatella magnifica, and also several millipedes I’ve observed. How do I filter to see my observations of those species? The “unknown” filter doesn’t show these (though it does show my observation of Nostoc commune, which I also don’t understand, I guess bacteria belong there).


You can put higher taxa in the search box at the top. For instance, Bryozoa will find all of the child taxa of that parent taxon, including Pectinatella.

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You can use the url parameter taxon_id= to search for multiple taxa of different ranks/genera at the same time.

For example, if I wanted to look at all observations in Eristalini and Volucellini and identify them, I’d use the parameter taxon_id=364082,479390 added on to


Here are your observations that don’t match the following categories:

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And how does one find the taxon id? Say I wanted to search for all Chromista, but did not know the taxon ID, what procedure would I use to find it?

Open the page of it, in url there will be a number in the end xxxx-taxonX. image

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Bacteria, viruses, and archaea currently have no iconic taxon and are pooled with unknown, see this feature request.

Another extra detail: there are actually two additional categories not displayed on the Explore filters – Chromista and Other Animals. So you can also find P. magnifica and your millipedes with this URL:

Or by going to your Edit Observations page and choosing the Other Animals icon

Since Chromista is another iconic taxon, you can use the name instead of the number:

Thank you everyone! Especially @jwidness and @bouteloua for the really helpful answers!

I’d love to see filters added in that original place for Other Animals and Kelp, Diatoms, and Allies too. I think that would have prevented my initial confusion. I guess maybe that belongs as a feature request.

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