Missing translation for conservation status

Not all text can be translated on this page:


The translation seems available:

See also here: https://inaturalist.trydiscourse.com/t/check-list-back-option-displaying-code/427
And in github:


The options available for ‘‘Occurrence status: uncommon’’ & ‘‘Establishment Means: unknown’’ are not translated.

1 ‘‘Replaced with’’ is not translated in email and in the list with updates.


On this page https://www.inaturalist.org/oauth/applications/315 three issues occur:

  1. ‘Back to applications’ is not translated.
  2. Description is not translated.
  3. The url is obsolete and more important, does not work anymore.


Seems a little odd as the page iNat uses to document the level of translations complete suggests there are 0 untranslated messages in Dutch : https://translatewiki.net/wiki/Special:MessageGroupStats/out-inaturalist

Either that page is not accurate or something else is going. My guess is that is not considered a public facing page (much of the documentation is not translated, especially things like api documentation etc)

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My guess is that page is accurate and that this is a bug.




and directly after this message:

This content is imported from a third party or written by the curator who created the status so we cannot open it up for translation.

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The word observation is not translated when it occurs in a sentence with comment.
Make removing ‘‘A’’ also removed the translation…

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The conservation status description field can be set differently for every taxon, so these won’t be included in the translation strings.