Missions feature on the website?

So I noticed on the mobile app for iNat, there’s a feature called “Missions” which shows species seen in the area that you haven’t observed. Yet I’ve only found it on the app. Is it available on devices like computers?


A user’s computer is typically at home, so it would only show a user what they haven’t seen around their home. The Missions is more relevant on a device you have in the field. Perhaps it could be adapted to show you what you haven’t seen for every filtered location you select.

I don’t see any missions on my app…??

It’s available on Android:

This was one of the goals for 2019, but not sure if the Missions feature in particular is hanging around.

While there is no equivalent “Missions” feature on the website, there are a few ways you can find species you haven’t yet observed. One is to use the URL term unobserved_by_user_id. Or you can use the Compare tool or Lists.

For example, grasses other people have observed in Illinois that I’ve never observed (anywhere). Or the same, but just limited to 2019, and only showing my grasses observed Illinois (not global).


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