Mobile app crashes when I fave an observation

Platform :ios

App version number:2.8.7

Description of problem:

Step 1: Fave observation

Step 2:continue looking at other observations

Step 3: app crashes

when I am looking at observations from a project on the app if I fave an observation, a few seconds later I get kicked off the app. It only started doing this relatively recently.

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@tiwane do you perhaps have any idea what may be going on here? it is getting a little annoying when I am seeing a lot of cool observations and when I fave them, I get kicked off and have to go back to the app…

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I can’t replicate this on my iPhone. Which device are you using, and does it happen on every observation you fave?

I have an iPhone 10. it happens every single time I fave an observation.

I’ve tried again, both faving one of my own observations and faving one I found through Explore, and everything seems fine. Have you signed out of the app and signed back in?

Hi @a_awesome, is this still happening to you in newer versions of the iOS app?

No it is not anymore

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great, thank you!