iOS (now on 14.7.1) still crashes constantly, immediately

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): iOS 14.6

App version number, if a mobile app issue (shown under Settings or About): 3.2.1

My app began crashing last night while attempting to edit, then upload some observations. It crashes if I simply scroll down, and at times immediately upon opening - I can’t do a thing. Rebooting my phone isn’t solving the issue. I’m sure I have many more un-uploaded observations than is reasonable (this gets conflated with editing pics from camera to splice in in place of terrible iPhone pics, so I fall behind). I know that deleting and reinstalling the app would mean that I would lose these observations (this would be devastating in some cases), but might just signing out then signing back in fix the issue without any loss of observations I haven’t uploaded? Is there a safe fix? thanks!

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If possible I’d first try to update your device’s operating system - iOS 14.7.1 is the latest version.

No, this will remove any un-synced observations from the app.

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I cannot replicate that on my iPhone (IOS 14.7.1 iPhone 12 pro), current version of app.

Whenever I have an app that starts misbehaving badly I power the phone off completely and reboot it. 9 times out of 10 that fixes the problem.

Thanks - just updated to 14.7.1, then shut off and rebooted phone. Same issue.

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thanks - that’s what I tried first; this is that 1 time out of ten that this hasn’t worked.

How much space is available on your phone? If it’s less than a couple of gigs, does freeing up space help?

Hi carrieseltzer - 370 GB free.