App crashes when removing project with observation field from observation

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Platform: iOS

App version number: 3.2.1, build 641, iOS 14.4

Screenshots of what you are seeing:

Description of problem:

Step 1: Start to make a new observation. Photos or sounds are not needed.

Step 2: Open the projects menu.

Step 3: Turn on the switch to add the observation to a project that makes the observation field pop up (as shown in the screenshot, it’s usually projects where these are required). It doesn’t matter if the field is changed or left as-is.

Step 4: Turn the switch back off before posting the observation. (You don’t have to close the projects menu in between, either way works)

Step 5: Tap the “Share” button to post the observation. The app crashes and the observation is not saved.

Additionally, another similar crash can be replicated with these steps (I’ve only tested this on observations made with the iOS app so I’m not sure if this would be different if the observation was made and/or added to the project on the website):

Step 1: Edit an observation that is in a project with an observation field for that project.

Step 2: Open the projects menu.

Step 3: Turn off the switch to remove the observation from the project. The app immediately crashes and the changes are not saved.

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Found another related crash:
Step 1: Edit an observation in a project (any project will work, the observation just has to be already posted)

Step 2: Remove the project from the observation in the project menu

Step 3: Tap the button to save and post the observation. The app crashes and the changes are not saved.

This one might actually be the one that most people will have a problem with, because it means that you can’t remove an observation from a project on the iOS app

I am using iOS 14.6 (same app version and build as above) and have encountered the same issue as you described when creating a new observation. For me, it immediately crashes when I turn the toggle switch off without going back to hit the share button.

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