Structuring Multiple BioBlitzes

We started running an annual year-long bioblitz last year. We’re setting up our second year-long BB and will have several mini BBs from Spring to Fall that we’re calling an “event series.” (There will be about 8 or 9 of them). We want the overall project to be year-long but the event series is 6 months.

All the mini-BBs for the event series will happen under the event series project page because we want people to become a member of the page to win prizes. But we also want to collect data throughout the year on the year-long project.

What’s the best way to set that up? Should there be one project page for the year-long BB that’s a straight-up collection project and another project for the event series? And since they’re happening in the same geographic region, data for one will automatically appear in the other?

Or should I set up an umbrella project page and have the year-long collection BB and event series collection BB under that umbrella?

I guess I’m bumping into an issue because we want to encourage people to join the project page, but once this series is over, they’ll have to rejoin NEXT year to get whatever benefits we decide to offer then. But we ALSO want them to join the year-long page. I kind of feel like that’s a lot of joining to ask people to do.

That’s definitely the easiest way, if people want to participate it’s not hard to join a couple of projects, usually each year is a new umbrella.


You don’t even really need a year-long project as a separate collection project since the umbrella project will serve the same purpose. Or you could have the year-long project and an umbrella project that combines multiple year-long projects.

Umbrella can’t actually replace year-long project as event projects only use 6 months of the year.

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I see, I thought there were two six-month projects that together covered the whole year.

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