More effecient way to delete old messages from inbox

Platform(s), All, but the one I care about is the website.

Description of need:
Make a more efficient way to delete message threads. I usually don’t delete messages immediately because I may have more to say. Then they accumulate. In order to delete old messages, I have to open each one, scroll to the bottom, and click “delete message.” This is absurdly slow, especially because I’ve managed to accumulate more than 15 pages of old messages and I only want to keep two or three of them.

Feature details:
In the “Message” inbox, please add a box next to each message that I can click and then add a button that deletes all the clicked-on messages when I push it.

Good idea! Added my vote.


I’m for this but I think we should make clear that if you click on one message from a long conversation, that the entire conversation will be deleted. Right now each message is listed separately in your inbox.

My problem is MANY conversions. Few of them are long conversations.