Replace ability to flag messages with a link to the help email box

Since curators cant see messages, there is nothing they can do to help resolve the flag short of asking the user to either email the help box, or provide a copy of the message (and I am unsure it is appropriate non employees of the site be asking for that), just remove the flagging ability on messages and replace with an email link.

I was thinking about this, but it’s also helpful to have a flag there, as a record that anyone can see if they are looking at the user’s history. Then maybe if a message is flagged, that flag can be emailed to help@inat so it doesn’t get lost?

Alternatively, I can check✓&flagger_type=any&flagger_name=&flagger_user_id=&user_name=&user_id=&flaggable_type=Message&flags[]=spam&flags[]=copyright+infringement&flags[]=inappropriate&flags[]=other&reason_query=&resolved=no&resolver_name=&resolver_user_id=&commit=Filter much more regularly.

I’m now checking flagged messages daily, so I don’t think this is needed and will close this. For what it’s worth, messages are rarely flagged at all, even less so by a human.