Separating an entry into two

Is there an easy way to split an observation into two?
In the field, I uploaded two different plants in one entry. I would like to split it into two with the same recorded metadata. I do not have a copy of the original images, and they are already uploaded.
I can not identify them correctly while they are both present.

Go to the small blue box in the top right of your observation that says ‘edit’. Press the drop down arrow and click ‘duplicate’. All the metadata will be copied and you just need to enter a new species name + press save :)


Do what thebeachcomber suggested, but you need to be on the website, not on your phone.


just be careful that if you duplicate an Observation A as Observation B, Observation A’s photos will be shared with Observation B. that means that if from the observation detail in Observation A you click on the (i) button at the bottom of a photo, and then delete that photo from the photo detail page, it’ll be gone from both Observation A and Observation B. if instead you go into Observation A, click edit, and the uncheck the photo in the observation edit page, then that photo will disappear from only Observation A.

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Also note that the duplicate method puts the obs at the same date, time and location as the original obs. So if you’ve ended up mixing photos that are far apart in date, time and location, you need to remember to click the ‘sync’ button above the image thumbnail before saving the duplicate obs.

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