Multiple images selection in gallery disabled in latest update, and photo metadata not being read

Hi Greg (and anyone else interested),

I just wanted to provide a brief update.

In November when I posted, we still used RestKit in three areas of the iOS app: guides, projects, and observations.

Since then, I’ve migrated guides away from Restkit. I also fixed a few bugs in authentication, added a new iNat network partner (ArgentiNat), and updated the app icon to reflect our new branding.

Right now, I’m working on migrating projects away from RestKit. I hope to release that in the next week or two. After that, I’ll get to work on migrating observations, which I plan to finish in January. Once that’s done, I’ll be able to start integrating third-party Swift libraries, and the first thing I’ll do is start integrating a third-party library picker that has multi-photo selection.

So, tentatively, I think sometime in January or February we will have multi-photo selection back.

I’ll provide another update later this month as I continue making progress.

Happy holidays,


That’s great. Thanks very much Alex.

Hi folks,

Time for another update. I hope y’all had a happy holidays.

iNaturalist for iOS release 2.8.7 just went out to the App Store today (Jan 10), and it has migrated the Project tab away from Restkit. It’s also got links to Year in Review, which I think we’ll keep in the app until February.

At this point, I’m about a week behind schedule, but I’m still confident I can get observations migrated away from Restkit with what’s left of January, so it’s looking like February for multi-photo selection.



It is excellent to hear that the links to Year in Review are removed. I would be very glad if multi photo selection comes back. I feel so sorry to upgrade my favourite app. I should have kept my good working old version without the Year in Review buttons and with multi photo select.

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Is there allready Multi PhotoSelection ?
And an version without iNatYear in Review ?
I am looking forward to this version, as i am not able to downgrade.

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s * • add year in review

• updates and bug fixes for projects tab

• a few other bug fixes

  • 2.8.6

27 nov. 2019

Fix for a bug where you can’t add comments or identifications to observations.

  • 2.8.5

22 nov. 2019

  • updates to Guides

  • updates to authentication

  • added new network partner, ArgentiNat

  • 2.8.4

7 nov. 2019

updated branding!

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Any update soon? I usually upload from my iPhone and have been holding out since Oct. until I can use multiple image upload. I have a few hundred observations now backlogged and can’t wait to get them up!


The plan is to reintroduce multiple image selection in the app by early April.

However, if you have access to a computer, it may be much easier for you to use the web uploader for a few hundred observations (overview / video tutorial). You can drag and drop images and easily group them into observations. Just keep your batches small (10-20 images at a time), especially while you get the hang of it.


Sucks that this wasn’t fixed in time for the CNC, taking me an eternity to add plant photos one by one

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Yes, I’m sorry it’s not out. Depending on how many photos you take, it might be worth transferring them to a computer (if possible) and using the web uploader.


Batch was ~350 photos across 130 obs, I did decide to upload via the web, but at the current rate it’ll take about 4 hours for them to all upload :(

Do you have an ETA for the re-introduction of multiple photo selection?


@mws Currently testing a beta version, but working through some bugs.


Just checking in again for any updates on this

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Me too! Any updates?

It’s in the latest beta version. If you want to be a beta tester, please message me.

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So this update (version 3.0) is slowly being rolled out in the App Store - it might be available to you, it might not.

Because it’s a major rewrite of the app, there are more crashes than usual, which is why we’re releasing it slowly. If you experience any issues, please file a bug report or add to an existing one, eg

One that I’m especially interested in is a bug where tapping Observe just turns the screen black. I can’t replicate this on my device, so any information you can provide would be helpful. We would need to know:

  • your device and which version of iOS it’s running.
  • if the black screen changes to something usable after a minute or two
  • which permissions you have given to iNaturalist (camera, photos, etc).

If you experience that bug, please don’t reply here, but start a new bug report. Thanks!