Multiple images selection in gallery disabled in latest update, and photo metadata not being read

After the update fixing the iOS app crash upon opening (10/25/2019) we are no longer able to select multiple images from the gallery. Additionally, the image location defaults to the current location of the device, not to the location of the observation (in the image header). This is on an iPhone XS running 13.1.3.


This is actually temporarily part of the fix to get things back in order, so it’s not really a bug.

Can you provide a screenshot?

The app shows current location not the location where the image was taken.



I am also experiencing the same problem with selecting multiple images, and the app using the current time/location of the device instead of the photo data.


The metadata shows current location for all observations and no option to select multiple images after update app to version 2.8.2. My iphone8 has had these issues since updating Inat app to 2.8.2. My wife’s iphone xs running Inat version 2.8.1 was working fine, but after updating it to 2.8.2 the same problems present on that device as well. Transferring images to laptop and posting observations that way works fine… but i would prefer to use my phone

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I’ve filed an issue for the metadata bug:

As I said before, the lack of multiple image selection was a known deficiency with this update to get around the crash.

Having the same issues with iPhone 11 (Pro Max) iOS 13.1.3. Time stamp is current time as well. Note that image information still works in Seek, and will transfer over to iNaturalist correctly if posted via Seek.

I can post a screen shot - but not sure it will be that helpful - I believe the only difference from previous behavior is it shows the “Details” with the current location/time in it. For privacy reasons need to move to another location than my house before posting the location.

I’ve been having the same issue here on my iPhone 6. The first photo shows the time metadata while the second shot shows what’s coming up on the app. The location metadata is also being replaced by the current location of the phone but I didn’t show that since I’m only a few hundred feet from where I took this photo.

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I never experienced a problem with 2.8.1 uploaded thousands of images without issue until 2.8.2 update. The app is basically useless until these issues are corrected.


I also just got both of these issues. They make the app pretty much unusable for me, and I’m sure the same applies for anyone else who uses it.

Hi @tiwane, So just to confirm, once the bug is fixed, iNat will convert back to the same process for logging obs in an iPhone? Multiple images (max.4) and the location is tagged onto the images.

As some have mentioned in here I am in hold mode until this reverts back to that process. It is impossible to record a vegetation community any other way.

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I have a screen shot for you
The first ones are of the photo
On the phone the others are
Of the observation on INat
After upload

I just noticed but not only is the location off the date and time is to
This photo was taken on the 26rh after 1700 hours
I just noticed is

I am having the exact same issue being described by others. I have nothing new to add, but am relieved to discover I am not alone.

I’m having all the same issues as well, using version 2.8.2 on an iPhone 8 running iOS 13.1.3.

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Same issue for me too on iPhone X running iOS 13.1.3 and iNat 2.8.2

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I’m having the same issues. I’ve been so frustrated trying to figure out a way around them (and I am not particularly computer/app savvy). I hope there will be fix soon. Any idea when that might be, iNaturalist staff?


Posting to log the same problem. The location data simply does not go through.

i’m using IPhone 8 with iNat 2.8.2 build 544. the problem occurred with both IOS 12.3.1 and IOS 13.2


I am also having the same problem, the time and location of my photos are posting with my current location and time. Trying to post from my iPad Air running IOS 12.1.1 with photos taken on my iPhone 11 running iOS 13.1.3

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Hey folks, I’m sorry you’re being affected by this bug. We’re working on a fix, right now we have to wait on Apple for some approvals (it’s not something we have any control over, alas). I don’t believe we need further reports, but thank you for chiming in.