MushroomObserver Import - time observed is missing

My workflow is such that I often create my fungi-based observations at MO and then once their sequence is published, I import them to iNaturalist as a final step.

I did a large import today and ran into a few things that I can see as being possible bugs or simply just workarounds for difficulty of field mapping between the two systems.

Item 1
The iNat Mobile-app expects date/time in the format 2020-11-03 16:55:00 GMT-0800 (PST), but only the date is imported (e.g. 2020-11-03) when using MO import. This causes a warning in the mobile app and requires that I manually update each imported observation and add a time. Suggest adding 00:00:00 in the users local time as a possible remedy.

Item 2
HTML from the “Notes” field in MO is imported with the note and it’s rendered on the web and mobile (hopefully safely) even when the MO note is plaintext. My notes just have plaintext in the note field and all are still imported it wrapped in p tags. Ex:

Item 3
The import tool does not import dna sequence data from MO. Ex:

This requires me to edit each imported item manually with the sequence, locus and access number. Any reason why this wouldn’t be imported? If this is a feature request and not a bug, happy to file it where needed.


Hi @joshmcginnis, sorry for the delay in response. When you say “the iNat Mobile-app” and “I import them to iNaturalist”, what platform are you referring to?, the iNat Android app, or iNat iOS app? How are you sharing them from MO to iNat? Can you share links and/or screenshots? Thanks!

sounds like

interestingly, it looks like when the import tool was developed back in the day, it was intended to be temporary only.

As @pisum suggested, I’m talking about the MO tool: