Must refresh for leaf annotations to show up after a 'Plants' is identified as 'Flowering Plant'

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Step 1: Use identify to find a plant image which has ‘Plants’ a the lowest taxonomic identification. Only annotation possible is ‘Sex’

Step 2: Add an identification of ‘Flowering Plants’ (or any lower taxonomic rank within ‘Flowering Plants’). When identification is submitted, annotations automatically now also include ‘Flowers and Fruits’, but the page has to be refreshed before ‘Leaves’ shows up.

I’m assuming that since the annotations automatically update to include ‘Flowers and Fruits’ that ‘Leaves’ is probably meant to as well. It’s not a huge issue to refresh, but I know I’ve forgotten to annotate the leaves because the annotation is not immediately visible

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Made a Github issue here:

FWIW this doesn’t happen on the Identify page for me.

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