My comments on iPhone app on own observations have wrong timestamp

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): IOS

App version number, if a mobile app issue (shown under Settings or About): 3.1.1, build 626, iOS 14.4

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Step 1: Go to any of my observations on iOS app

Step 2: Check timestamp for any observation (I tested yesterday, last week, from last year, all have the same problem) for my own comments only, and they all say ‘1 min’ regardless of when I made the comment.

Step 3: This only happens for my own comments on my observations; comments by other people have the correct timestamps. Timestamps on my own comments are correct on the website, so it’s an app thing only.

Apologies for the weird ‘screenshots’; my phone got wrecked during the Biblical rain Sydney had recently, and I can’t screenshot on it anymore (among 100 problems), so I had to take a photo of my screen with my camera.


Just piping in to say I also have this issue. (edit to add: app version 3.1.1, build 626, ios 14.4)

on iOS app:

on desktop:

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It’s a known bug and should be fixed in the next update. Here’s a screenshot from the latest beta: