My observation doesn't appear on the map

Platform Android and Website

Browser Google


Description of problem I posted pictures taken of Coast Redwoods and Humboldt Redwoods state park. This is my only observation that doesn’t appear on the map. It shows up when searching for Coast Redwood globally or when zooming into the park and refreshing the map area, but disappears again if I filter only for my observations.

My observation shows up on the map without any issue here

My observation disappears from the map when I filter for only my observations (In the exact same spot) here

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It has accuracy of 33km, so it won’t be shown on map.


What do you mean?

right now, your observation is recorded with positional accuracy of 33km, meaning that technically, you’re saying that there’s only some X% chance that the observation actually falls within a 33km radius circle centered around lat 40.314319 and long -123.977686. there’s so much uncertainty in that kind of measurement that iNat won’t map it. (iNat won’t map anything that exceeds the diagonal of a bounding box of 0.2 deg lat and 0.2 deg long, which is roughly 30km, depending where you are in the world.)

you can edit your observation so that the positional accuracy value falls below the mappable threshold, and then your observation will show up in the Explore page.

it looks like you recorded your observation using the Android app. in the apps, you control how big the accuracy value is by zooming in an out on the map when you edit the observation location. as you zoom in, the circle around the center point on the map will represent a smaller and smaller area on the Earth, and the positional accuracy value will decrease.

in the website, you can just manually edit the positional accuracy value, or you can click and drag to increase or decrease the size of the circle.


It’s been a while so I don’t remember exactly where in the park those pictures where taken.