My observations pop up info for Manu, Peru

Platform (Website, OSX 10.14.6 Mojave)

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Screenshots of what you are seeing (3 screenshots added, one working in main map, one not working in main map and one working in the small observation map)

All my observations are currently from Peru. When I view my observations online (Mac mini computer 2018) it shows a pop up on the map for each observation I hover over except this doesn’t happen when I hover over an observation from Parque Naciónal Manu. There are red dots on the map for all the different locations where I have observations except Manu. When I go into a Manu observation then the location is shown clearly on the map within the observation

this is more of a data problem than a problem with the way the system is working.

the positional accuracy values for these observations is very large (>36km). so the system treats these as mappable=false, and they will not appear on the map.

see for more information. probably in your case, you’re manually selecting the entire park as the location, and because this is a large park, you end up with a large positional accuracy value. so ideally, you would want to narrow down your location more.