My older photos aren't displaying

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My older photos are not displaying. They are grayed out. If I add a new photo to that species, the new one shows up. I checked for app updates. I force stopped the app. I cleared the cache. I thought about uninstalling and reinstalling but I’m worried I’ll lose all of my progress. Please advise.

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Your observations won’t disappear if you reinstall the app if you actually uploaded them and it went through, I see all your photos displaying correctly on the website, so it’s something with the app.

Where I work there are often issues with the internet connection, both locally and internationally, and I get this often with iNat. Sometimes using a VPN clears it up (some of the internet issues are political/government related), and other times it just doesn’t work that day, but does later.

I don’t know at what number it will do this but for me, on iOS, it only shows the recent ones. It’ll show a lot of them but it doesn’t go back very far. When people comment or ID older ones they’ll show up when I scroll all the way down. I always assumed it was on purpose and not a bug.

If oyu tap on the observation does the photo appear?

Pretty sure the photos aren’t gone from iNat’s servers, the app just isn’t displaying them. I’d recommend signing out and signing back in and see if they show up.

Yeah, the iOS app is pretty different from the Android app, which does allow you to scroll through a lot of your past observations (I haven’t tried scrolling through thousands) and loads them as you do so. Can’t do that in iOS.

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Yes! They definitely are all there still, just not displaying on the app unless somebody interacts with them and I get a notification about it on the app. On the website everything is there. I assumed it was an intentional way to save space or something like that.

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I have the same problem. All images shoe in a web browser but lots from 2020 and a few newer do not load in the app. Checked on two identicle phones (Galasy Note 10+). Same ones dont show one both phones.