My project doesn't want a taxa ?!

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Hi, last week i create my new project “Orchidee selvatiche nature challenge 2021 bioblitz italy” but an observer pointed out to me that my project doesn’t want a taxa!
My project excludes every Ophrys observation…it just consider “Ophrys sphegodes”…why???
Can you help me?

Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome

URLs of any relevant observations or pages:
URLs of some relevant observations:
-1) ;
-2) ;
-3) ;
-4) ;
-5) ;
-6) ; ecc.

taxa URL:

the project just consider “Ophrys sphegodes”

Screenshots of what you are seeing

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I notice that you have the requirement of “native” for your project, and I wonder if you edited your project temporarily to remove that requirement it would allow more of the observations to be included. Maybe the system doesn’t have all of the orchids that are native to Italy properly labelled as native. That’s all I can think of after looking at your project.


come ti hanno detto, dovresti provare ad alleggerire i filtri, innanzitutto per i taxa è sufficiente mettere famiglia Orchidaceae senza aggiungere i singoli generi, e poi credo sia meglio togliere il filtro “nativa” perchè alcune specie native potrebbero non essere state classificate come tali su iNaturalist in Italia e quindi venire escluse.


I made a new collection project here

It covers genus Dactylorhiza, genus Orchis, and genus Ophrys. I changed the beginning date to March 8 to avoid dealing with the time difference. I removed the “native” requirement. This project now has observations of the following in it:

Orchis italica, Orchis purpurea, and Orchis pallens

Ophrys sphegodes, Ophrys tenthredinifera, Ophrys bymbyliflora, and Ophrys lutea

So I think removing the requirement of “native,” as well as simplifying the list of taxa, as suggested by @philodendronjoe, has helped the situation and that if you start with the same requirements you can rebuild your project to include what you need.



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