NABT - The American Biology Teacher

Last February, I sent an email out to the managing editor of The American Biology Teacher to encourage them to write an article about iNaturalist to make more teachers aware of it and encourage them to use it and expose their students to it. I immediately got copied by the editor on an email she sent to one of her writers. The ball got dropped, I got busy with other things, and I never heard from him . . . until today. He is now very interested, and is planning on setting up a call between him, myself, and a colleague of his. I would love to have one or more iNaturalist staff members join that call as well, or at least one or more “high ranking” curators. Send me an email, and I will forward the original email I sent out, the response I got today, my response back, and his final response.


Ken Carman Inaturalist user “kcthetc1”


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