Name syntax differs between desktop / mobile

It’s not a big deal, but I’ve noticed that sometimes the syntax of names differs between mobile and desktop, particularly when it comes to upper/lower case.

Here’s an example, with Chelidonium majus :

As the correct version is the desktop version, I would have liked to correct the syntax in the mobile version, but I don’t know where this is managed, or if I have the power to report this “problem”.

Thanks a lot :)


also see

Thank you Pisum :smiley:

As I don’t speak English, my searches on the Forum are sometimes ineffective.

These messages help me to understand why there is this difference between the application and the website, and I understand the decision that was taken.

However, as Tiwan explained, the name displayed in the application is the name and its syntax in the iNat database :

In a collaborative approach, it would therefore be possible to make corrections directly in the database, in order to bring a little more consistency (even if it means debating, in a collaborative way, on a case-by-case basis).
As I’m involved in several collaborative projects (Wikidata, Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap), this kind of crowdsourcing seems realistic to me.

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