Consistently Auto-Capitalise across the Website and the App

Hey guys,

I started a conversation here about the way that common species names are displayed on the website and the app, particularly the way that plant names and animal names differ. It seems to have sparked a lot of discussion, so I’m going to add this in as a feature request.

Basically, the issue is that the website autocapitalises all species names into Title Case, but the apps leave them as inputted. Because convention is that plant names are written all lower case (and because humans are inconsistent when inputting names) this means that whilst on the website everything looks ordered and neat, on the app a large variety of different names conventions appear. To my mind, this doesn’t look too good:

Left: Observation feed on the app. Note how sometimes plants are all lowercase (like common heather), and sometimes they are title case (like Bog Asphodel). Middle: Individual observation on the app. Right: Same observation on the website.

This feature request is basically to roll out autocapitalisation on the apps as well as on the website, for the sake of stylistic consistency across all platforms. Auto-capitalisation to Title Case seems to be fairly well established on the website, so it makes sense for that to be the ‘iNaturalist Style Choice’.


I had been thinking the same - mixed capitalisation makes things look very disjointed on the app. I agree that auto-capitalisation across platforms would be a good style choice.