Common name capitalized on the website but not on the app

I’ve noticed recently that the species Henbit Deadnettle’s common name is capitalized on the website, however on the Android app, it is not (see screenshot). The same goes for Red Deadnettle. I haven’t found any other species like this so far… wondering if there is a reason for this?

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This is because plant common names are supposed to be left uncapitalized when adding them, so that iNat can set the capitals as they are supposed to be automatically. I’m not sure why this is happening on the app, as it should be automatically capitalized.

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As far as I know INaturalist does not know how to capitilize common names, so the best way to handle this is to add them capitilized. and use Dutch

Somewhere there is a discussion about Capitals and Common names, probably github.

What I meant is that iNat has a certain way that it capitalizes names, and particularly for plants, there have been a couple conversations about leaving them uncapitalized so that it does it automatically.

Oh, so the common names that are added are not capitalized at the time of being added, but then iNat automatically capitalizes them. So it would be a issue in the app I suppose, Thank you!

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Please remove the Solution marker from my post, it is only a partial solution. Now that this is a bug report, the solution will be the when the bug is fixed.

This isn’t a bug. There was a very contentious debate on the old Google Group about capitalization of common names. We decided to, on the website, display common names in a certain style regardless of how the name was entered into iNat’s database, but chose to not extend that style to the mobile apps. Whether or not that last part was a good decision could be debated, I guess, but it’s not something we’ll prioritize.

Many plant common names are entered in all lowercase on iNat because that seems to the standard in North America at least. But please don’t discuss that on this topic.


I see, that makes sense. Thanks for all the information.