Narrowing down sugested species with location info

Will the suggested species be narrowed down by first completing the location information?


Yes, I think so. It will suggest “seen nearby” species, at least for the website. Not sure if and how this works for the phone apps.

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Exactly, yes. With a relatively recent update to the computer vision, if you put in location data before using the CV when uploading an image, it will only show you the option in the area (if you choose).


By default the CV suggestions only show visually similar taxa that have been seen nearby (as defined here).

If yiou’re only seeing nearby suggestions, you should see “seen nearby” next to every suggestion, and you’ll see the option to switch to “Include suggestions not seen nearby” at the bottom of the list (red arrow):

This choice is “sticky” meaning that if you do choose “Include suggestions not seen nearby”, you’ll keep seeing those until you switch back.


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