Observation doesn't become casual although 'not wild' is selected

In the observation here, the observer itself marked the plant as cultivated - but it is still in ‘needs ID’ status. I also did a search in the area, excluding casual obs, and this observation shows up there.

It’s showing as Casual for me.

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it says Casual for me too

I could be wrong on this…

I think when the observer posts the observation, and they mark it as wild, that “vote” is in addition to any that they have in the DQA section. So when you assign your “Cultivated” DQA flag, it is tied at 1 vote each way, and it takes the subsequent votes (when I looked there were 3) to tip the balance and make it casual.

I’m only guessing that this is the case, having seen situations that supported the theory before. In one of the situations it was my own setting in the observation, and I was surprised to be able to add an extra vote in the DQA as well.

Another possible cause might be low priority background indexing, which during peak usage times can cause some things to be slow to reflect changes.

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I wrote that the observer already marked it as ‘cultivated’, so your first assumption does not apply in this case.

I was assuming that, after some time, the status might change automatically, so I provided the screenshots. Would be interesting to know, however, if it only changed after the second vote came in.

With things like this that become fixed once the observation is reindexed / otherwise altered (adding another vote or ID), it’s usually better to directly email help@inaturalist.org.