Nature-inspired Comics?


Why was this cartoon flagged?
It has been cropped and lost some context but
phubbing is a thing today.

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I am sorry,i did not know about this and these are my first posts that are being flagged

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Maybe it’s just that they’re not nature-inspired? (Characters are drawn as animals but the jokes are 100% human.) It seems a little extreme to flag them for that, but maybe someone did.


I don’t know who flagged them and don’t think it’s appropriate to do, but I also didn’t get the nature connection other than animals, and have to say, those are the ugliest rabbits I saw, they’re from uncanny valley.


I don’t see any justification for flagging your cartoons.

‘All’ the cartoons are anthropomorphising animals. I mean, really, they speak English and wear clothes …

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Clearly they should speak German, like real animals

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I wonder if the spiders are jeering at us in pheromones. Or the sea urchins in ??

@egordon88 ? you’ve lost me. German and English are both merely human languages. Or not?

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I picked a language at semi-random for the joke. It’s all greek to me! :slightly_smiling_face:


but … you need Greek for binomials … :rofl:

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Yeah, they were flagged as being off topic as in the humor isn’t about something in the natural world, which is what the topic is for. But I shouldn’t have hidden them, I’m sorry about that, I just don’t want to encourage this to be a place where cartoons of any kind should be posted.


lovin’ this one



It’s a good one

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Oh, yes. Reminds me of when my sedgehead colleagues and I met a friend at a high mountain lake. She wanted to lead us to an absolutely gorgeous lake about half a mile further on. We were excited about the sedges. Going the first quarter mile took over an hour.



This one reminds me of a story from my sixth grade ‘Physical Education’ class where all the boys had to do a presentation (topic, their choice) as their foray into public speaking.

A lot of predictable sports hero stories, travel tales, and so on. But one that really stuck in my memory was from one kid who just never said much at all, to anyone, if he could help it.

Anyhow, before he started ‘David’ had drawn a pretty crude outline of a bird on the chalkboard and began his speech by pointing out with a wooden pointer, basic anatomy which went something like this:

“Birds. Birds have a beak, a body, two wings, two legs, two feet and… one head.”

Even the gym teacher looked up from his desk on that one.

(You certainly couldn’t find fault in his observational analysis either.)


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Let’s not forget another comic genius: Bill Watterson.

Here’s one all about mistaken ‘identity’:

Calvin and Hobbes-Bats aren't bugs! | Science is Awesome | Pinterest

But in general, Calvin is highly motivated by natural discovery and for protecting it.


And perhaps this one best captures the naturalist spirit: