Navigate through all photos with arrow keys on uploader

On the website, I would like to be able to click on a photo on an “observation card”, then use the left and right arrows to navigate between the photos not only within that card (already possible) but also to navigate to the photos on cards on either side of it.

If I click here where the grabber hand is:

The photo pops up larger. From there, I would like to be able to use arrow keys to view the photos from the observation cards on either side of it.

I often have to click to view photos larger to determine if the cards should be combined or not. This would make the process much smoother/faster with less clicking.

I would also like to see this – preferably using the same method as on the identify pages, where the arrow keys go through different observations, and holding alt (/option, on Mac) while using arrow keys goes between photos within the current observation.