Arrow keys to move between images in "Browse Photos"

Platform(s): web

URLs (aka web addresses) of any pages, if relevant:[taxon]/browse_photos, e.g.

Description of need:
Suppose you are in the “Browse Photos” page for a taxon. You click on a photo to make it bigger, then you want to move to the next photo. You hit the right arrow. Nothing. :-(

Feature request details:
I’m not sure why, but the right / left keyboard shortcuts that work in Explore and Identify don’t work here. You have to click the GUI buttons using your mouse. It would be nice to have keyboard navigation available.

Here’s a work-around (only tested using Firefox):

  1. Click on initial photo.
  2. Press Tab twice to select previous, or three times to select next.
  3. Press Return to show the next/previous photo.
  4. Press Tab or Shift+Tab to change from previous to next (and vice versa).

yikes. the tabbing on that page (and key pressing in general) seems all sorts of unexpected.

if anyone decides to change that screen up a bit to handle keys a little better, it might be nice for it to handle touchpad and touchscreen gestures (for going forward and backward in the large photo stream), too.

The arrow keys definitely used to work, and I remember quite some time ago when they stopped working and I made a mental note to bring it up, but then never did. You can see a commit in github where they were added in 2017, I suspect the commit that broke them was the June 2020 commit.


so maybe this needs to be a bugfix then?

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Probably. I’ll clarify with our devs next week.

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I’ll just move it to #bug-reports. Made a GitHub issue:

OK, left and right arrows now work here.


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