Enable up/down arrows in Identify modal

The arrow keys do useful things in the identify modal. Right/left to move to the next/previous observation, alt-right/left to look at different photos in the current observation. However, the up/down arrows don’t do anything. It would be great if they could scroll the list of IDs/comments if that list is longer than the window is tall. That would duplicate the functionality of a scroll wheel, but notebook computers don’t tend to have those.

The other keyboard shortcuts are very useful, I use them all the time. I’d like to also read the ID’s comments without moving my hand over to the trackpad.

I like that idea. Also, I find I “follow” a lot more than I “favourite”, and it is favourite that gets the f shortcut! Is there a shortcut for follow, or could we get one?

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Most notebook computers have a trackpad where you can use 2 fingers to scroll up and down, though it requires being hovered over the comment/ID area (in Chrome on Windows 10, at least).

Unless it’s a technical issue with browser limitations, I don’t see any reasons not to implement this. Are there any?

Fair enough, although

Ah, yeah, missed that. I’m always using the trackpad to zoom around to squint around at different parts of the photos. I’d be lost without that. :) If you have one, the trackpoint (“pointing stick”? haha) would be another alternative to keep hands on the keyboard and scroll. I always forget that exists on my keyboard…

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I just noticed that the arrow keys now scroll up and down in the ID modal. Yay, and thanks!

edit: How do I close this thread?

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I can close it for you.

Thanks again @bouteloua for reopening the feature request.

I’m not sure how this happened, and I am pretty sure I did not hallucinate this working, but the arrow keys no longer work in the ID modal, nor in the compare tool.