Need help understanding badges

Hi all,

Can someone clarify whether badges are also for use within the iNat platform (vs. Seek?). If they are for use in iNat, I would like to learn how I can propose a new one to link to the geocaching community.

Thanks for your help!

As far as I know, the badges are a Discourse thing, and are just for iNatForum activity. See


I am not a Seek user, but I thought they had their own badges that are different from forum badges. I am not aware of badges for the iNat platform, except for the life Lists reporting?

Hi, could you please clarify your question? What platform are you talking about? And how is geocaching related?

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There are badges for Discourse, which is what the forum is based on. Seek also has badges that are separate and don’t really serve a purpose. The iNat website and app do not have badges.



I found this page, that seems to indicate there are badges for observations based on number and taxa

But, beyond that page, I can’t really find out anything else. I am interested in ‘creating’ a new badge to engage more folks.



That’s not an official post from staff, but rather the initiative of an iNat user. Cute, though.


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