Need help with pasting a link in a journal post

I’m realtively html-ignorant. I’m trying to embed an image of the U.S. Drought Monitor map into a journal post:
The Drought Monitor page suggests embedding the following link to display the correct map:
“<img src=“[ext]/current/current_usdm.[ext]” />”
They indicate that I should “Replace [ext] with the file extension you want to use.”
So I tried replacing [ext] with “jpg” or “png” and those attempts are not rendering the map at all. What am I doing wrong?

I’m not entirely sure what went wrong for you, but works for me.

I tried this link and it worked fine: (get rid of the square brackets) [<]img src=“”[>]

Might it be because of the typographical quotes? If I copy paste the link you provided (and replace ext with jpg/png), it doesn’t work. Because your html snippet contains typographical quotes (left: “, right: ”) instead of standard double quotes (both left and right: ").

Your snippet (nothing gets displayed):
<img src=“” />

Correct one (trailing slash optional):
<img src="">

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Thanks, all. This worked.

You’re welcome.

I also realized that next week the “current” map changes, so I’ve modified the URL to seek out the appropriate map. The URL now reads:
<img src=“”>

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