Needs ID for human

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It’s since been resolved but I’m curious as to how it happened to begin with. I was going to go through the casual grade human observations, since everything that is IDed as a human is automatically casual. Before I went over to check the box for “causal” and it was still on “needs ID”, an observation came up that was IDed as a human but was at “needs ID” still. I added an agreeing ID and it’s casual now. But why was it ever needs ID? It was labeled as human already.

I included screenshots of the IDs present while I came cross it, the settings I had when the observation came up and also the evidence of it showing up with those settings. I don’t have an image of it saying “needs ID” because I added an agreeing ID right away and didn’t think about how odd it was that it was at that grade until after I had done so.

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It can be one of those instances where casual mark is added, but not active until you do something with observation, curious to see if it was shown in DQA.

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It said “needs ID” for the quality grade in the DQA. I wasn’t aware of the bug/delay you mentioned though, so maybe that was all it was.

Yeah, potentially the observation didn’t get properly reindexed, or there was a delay.

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