New added place - trying to link the wikipedia listing for the Woodlands Philadelphia

I’ve done my best to follow documentation for how to add an open space location that does not show a place ID in inaturalist. I went to Google Earth and followed the instructions as best I could to export the KML and defined boundary for the Woodlands Philadelphia. It previews the boundary that I created in Google Earth properly and shows user data for that space, however it doesn’t see the link to the Wikipedia entry. Anywhere I can edit the info so I can get that to load from the “edit this place” info?

Also, I expected the place to become visible in the search widget for location, but maybe that may take a little time. So I won’t inquire about that just yet.

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Maybe because the Wikipedia title has parentheses?

I’m not sure what you mean by “search widget”, but the Location search bar in Explore is only for Google places. If you would like to use one that is only found on iNat, you have to put it into the filters.

You could also put it into the search bar at the top of the page and select View Observations.
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Thanks for your help Thomas. The search widget is what you’ve attached as a screenshot. It looks like it is appropriately showing up from your photo (it wasn’t earlier). So if I modify the iNaturalist place name to include parentheses, do you think it will link to the wikipedia then?

I guess I didn’t decipher a difference between location and places in the searches. Before I “added this place” in iNaturalist, I could not get this particular location to be recognized in either field.

If it’s not on Google, then it wouldn’t show up here. I’m not positive parentheses would fix things, but it might work. I don’t know how Wikipedia pages work for places because curators can’t manually set them.

I’m still a bit unclear about how place IDs work. An ID comes up for the cemetary on Google, but it doesn’t on iNaturalist. I guess there are place IDs that can be used to search by locations as well. I think this method is different.

As for adding parentheses- that worked to link the Wiki! :) thanks

It looks like Google has a place called The Woodlands, but it might not have a polygon associated with it. Place IDs on iNat are unique to iNat.

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