New collection project is not loading any observations

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Step 1: I created a new collection project on 2-23-2022 and filled out the relevant fields on the project edit page (one taxon in 12 counties in NC, any observers, photo required, Research or ID needed, with a start date of 01-01-2012)

Step 2: I uploaded a photo of the taxon (Ficaria verna) to iNaturalist and another observer uploaded 4 photos of this taxon.

Step 3: I reloaded the project page and it says “No observations yet. Check back soon!”. I am still getting this message today. None of our observations are being added to the project. Why not?

Might this be the issue?
Establishment: Introduced

As you are looking for only one species I dont think it is nessesary that you tick Establishment: Introduced.
It migh be that the species is not tagged as introduced for all of these palces? Not sure. But I dont see any need to use this option in your project.

hope that helps



Some people still plant this species in their yards intentionally, so I included the “introduced”
designation to distinguish the project observations from “cultivated” instances of the species.

in your project rules, you’re requiring that the observations come from a user called “any” (, not that the observations come from any user. try changing that, and let us know what happens.


Ok I understand.
But I’m not 100% sure if “introduced” is the counterpart of “captive/cultivated”.
To my understanding “introduced” is a qualifier on species level (in combination with places) and “captive/cultivated” being applied on observation level with “wild” being its counterpart.
Thus an “cultivated” observation of this “introduced” species would technically still show up.

ps. sorry for not spotting the “any” user thing

Yes, that fixed it! Thank you so much.

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Paul, thank you for your comments. I believe you are correct about “captive/cultivated” being applied the on the observation level. The “introduced” qualifier is automatically applied by iNaturalist when the species is identified in NC (or other places where it is not native), so having that requirement will not interfere with loading observations. To know if a specific observation is “cultivated” requires relying on the observer.

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