New curator, where do I add the references for a new taxon?

New curator, where do I add the references for a new taxon? I added a species, Xylaria subtorulosa (see However, I did not see where to put the references in that this is a “real” species. Here they are:
Index Fungorum:
Record Details:
Xylaria subtorulosa Speg., Boln Acad. nac. Cienc. Córdoba 11(4): 515 (1889)

Other references using the name:
Dennis, R. W. G. 1956. Some Xylarias of Tropical America. Kew Bulletin 11:401-444.
Molina, R. d. C. B. 2020. Catálogo de hongos (Ascomycota y Basidiomycota) de la Colección Micológica del Herbario Nacional del Ecuador (QCNE) del Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad (INABIO). ACI Avances en Ciencias e Ingenierías 12:10-10.
Silveira, V. D., and K. F. Rodrigues. 1985. Levantamento preliminar de Xylariaceae da Amazônia. Acta Amazonica 15:7-28.
Thomas, D. C., A. Vandegrift, A. Ludden, G. C. Carroll, and B. A. Roy. 2016. Spatial ecology of the fungal genus Xylaria in a tropical cloud forest. Biotropica 48:381-393.

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On the page for the taxon, click Curation, then Edit Taxon.

On the Edit Taxon page, scroll down to Source and click “add new source.”

It will expand into a form where you can add the reference:

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Suggest you first start typing it directly in the box, in case someone has already created the same (or similar enough) source. Any potential matches will show up in a dropdown list. If the right one shows up, then you can just choose that instead of creating a new one.


Thank you.

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