New Huron Sachem doesn't show up in "Visually Similar" search

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There was a recent taxon change to separate east coast and west coast Sachem butterflies. In the eastern US, however, an ID search for “Visually Similar” still only gives you the old - and now west coast- name Atalopedes campestris.

If you search using “Observations”, then it correctly gives you the new Huron Sachem Atalopedes campestris.

Thanks for looking into it!


Whoops- here’s a screen shot of the incorrect species being suggested:

I’m pretty sure that the issue here is that the CV hasn’t been trained on the new taxon yet. I would expect that it will be the next time that they update the model. I don’t know how long that’ll take.

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Yeah, if you go to the taxon’s page, click on About, and scroll down, you’ll see it’s not in the model:

With the change being so recent, I suspect it won’t make it into the model until December, but I can’t say for sure.