New Idea To Add To App

Is there a Developer willing to listen to my idea I would love to pitch? I’m not a developer so I am hoping I can have someone else help make my idea into reality if you all feel it is within the vision of iNaturalist.

If you post it in the Feature Requests section of this Forum that’s the best way to bring it to the attention of the developers while simultaneously seeing whether other users share your enthusiasm for the idea, or maybe even have improvements of their own to add.


Thank you so much @DanielAustin

Make the suggestion, don’t be coy and ask if it’s ok to make a suggestion.

You do this via a Feature Request, not a discussion with one of the mods or developers.

Feature Requests are discussed and voted upon by the community. Mods and developers look at this, see what it might take to implement, and if it has enough votes and is not absurdly difficult to implement it goes into the very long list of feature requests that are being worked on.

As a side note, the iPhone/iPad app has been slated for a ground-up rebuild for a long time, but is perpetually delayed, so don’t expect any movement on that specific front.


This is very helpful! Thank you @earthknight

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i’m not sure this is exactly the right way to characterize the progress of the app development. folks can follow the technical progress here: this was the last thread describing the effort in plain English:


Given that it has literally been years of waiting, and repeated discussions of the subject in the forum have specifically stated issues with Apple delaying the initiation of a revised app, I feel pretty ok with it as I stated it.

Don’t expect anything soon. We’ve been waiting for years and I expect we will be waiting for years more.


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