New iphone obs dont appear online

I made several observations with my iphone, but my new ones dont show on the website anymore.

How do I get them to appear online? I thought it was automatic, did I turn something off somehow?

Platform: iOS

App version number: 2.10.1

Browser: Chrome

URLs: main inaturalist account search page - my observations

Screenshots of what you are seeing (instructions for taking a screenshot on computers and mobile devices:

Description of problem:

Step 1: capture image and name of plant

Step 2: records it on my phone

Step 3: does not appear under my observations online

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Hi @crcarman9, can you share screenshot(s) of the observation(s) on your phone that you expect to sync to your account online, but haven’t?

Under settings in the app, is Automatic Upload turned on? If not, does it say “1 Observation to Upload” (or similar)? And then, does pressing the green Upload button fix it?

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Hello Bouteloua
I have 83 obs from my phone, but only the first 14 show up online…

also one shot is the iphone app settings screen - I dont think i have the option you mentioned…

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screen shot of online (only 14 listed)

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screen shot from phone (83 listed)

Thank You

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Thanks for the screenshots! It looks like you’re using the Seek app rather than the main iNaturalist app. Seek was designed foremost for data privacy, so linking to iNaturalist is optional, but syncing to iNaturalist can only be done at the time you make the observation.

From the Seek User Guide:

You can only post to iNaturalist immediately after you observe the species. If you would like to post it later, we encourage you to post the observation using the iNaturalist iOS app, iNaturalist Android app, or

After you make the observation on Seek and choose “Post to iNaturalist”, do you view a page like this?

And after pressing Post to iNaturalist, it still does not appear on your account online?


oh ok! thank you! I was wondering what I was doing wrong…lol

Im downloading it now – is there a way to transfer my 83 observations already made to the inaturalist app?


Unfortunately I don’t think so - the fastest way would probably be to get the photos on a computer and batch import them:


Ok thanks for your help!!