New Life List: Observations sorting should read "Date Observed" instead of "Date Added"

For each observation iNaturalist keeps 2 dates: Observed and Submitted. In the New Life List “All Observations” are sorted by “Date Added” which (in cases where observation and submission are sufficiently apart) is apparently not the submission date but the date of the observation.

An example is my observation which was observed in 2005 and submitted in 2020 and which gets to the first place when sorting the observations by “Date Added, Oldest to Newest”.


I agree that “Date Added” in the new life list should read “Date Observed” instead. I tried this on my own observations. In Explore, it shows that the first observation I submitted was a Sea Rocket (which is correct), but when I ask for my observations in ascending order by date added in my life list the first observation shown is a Caribou (which is incorrect).