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Hello everyone,

I’d like to create a new Place for my (and anyone else’s) Life list as there is no Place for the region, and it is too large for me to create one (larger than Texas). I’ve found out how to aggregate place on the url (eg: place_id=7526,6931,6944,6848,8748,7488), but that does not seem to be working for life lists as it takes on place_id only.

I’m alternating between South Korea and northern China, so I would like to create a Place for North East Asia, limited south by the plains of the Yangtze river, west by the 100th meridian east (roughly bisecting Mongolia), going further north following the center the the Baikal lake, and then north from there (river boundaries mostly). The western boundary includes all islands associated with Asia. The reasoning behind this delineation is that it is the East Palearctic biome, limited to the west by the reach of the monsoon weather system. It’s a commonly accepted biogeographic area.

I’ve tried importing a .KML file, drawing it (roughly) on the right page ( but none of the options works as it’s too large. Any tip on how I can do that? There are two options for South East Asia ( and mainland SEA ( and a similar option for NEA would be fantastic!

Thank you in advance!

Amael @amarzee

What I should have said as well is that I cannot aggregate all regions because don’t have a place_ID (for instance Inner Mongolia or Primorsky Krai), but all place_ID available are summed up here: place_id=6891,8432,13355,8949,13350,13358,7285,65973,13351,12697,13357,12695,13347,7347

The “box boudary” of the region would be along these lines:

I managed to get place_ID for all areas from a private feedback, but Mongolia does not seem to be divided so there is a bit “too much” land:,8432,13355,8949,13350,13358,7285,65973,6910,13351,12697,13357,12695,13347,7347,52494,13354,13377,11788,11793,3220,13221,11803,13210,134611,134610,13208,13220,13214,6737

Mongolia has both state-level and county-level divisions, you can see them here. The place_id for each is in this list.

Thank you very much, now I can have a good definition of the area, but I am still not able to match my Life list with this area - nor the area is easily searchable by anyone interested in observing species in the region. Any recommendation on how to do that?



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