Personalize search, lifelist and places


I came across a topic regarding the use of the ending “&unobserved_by_user_id=” in observations, and I was wondering if there are any other similar endings that I can use to personalize my results. Is there a list or guide available to help me find them?

Additionally, is it possible to modify the lifelist to display subspecies instead of species using a similar ending?

And, can I add specific places that only I can use instead of the entire community? I’m interested in lower-level administrative borders, but I’m concerned that adding too many places may slow down the site for other users.

There’s a wiki for different parameters in the URL

I don’t know the answer to your lifelist question

Adding new places is generally only a problem if they are very large places (or smallish ones that happen to have a whole lot of obs). Alternatively you can draw rectangles and circles on the map to restrict your search to that area and bookmark the URL for reference later.


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