New to INat - please help!

Hi there - I have started an INat project (Aubeterre wildlife (France) so I can see how many species there are in my village. I wanted to add some photos to my observations from other parts of the world but for some reason they keep being added to my project. How do I add observations without adding them to my project?
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You have Location set to Worldwide, so you’ll need to edit your project parameters. In the meantime, you may want to take a look at - if you’re just interested in what’s around you, you may not even need a project!

You may also be interested in or


Your project is currently collecting all your observations, worldwide. If you want a project just for your local area, you need to change the requirements.


I have no words of wisdom here - the replies so far are more likely to answer your question than I can. I just wanted to say Welcome to the Forum! And asking for help is a good thing to do.


Thanks for the help everyone! I’ve changed it to just France now so hopefully that will work :D

You may not even need a project. Just use this link: Also, feel free to edit the filters.

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